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Curator’s comments

A Holy Place is a RagGonNon. A RagGonNon is Aminah's term for a complex work of art that takes years to research and create and that continues to evolve as others respond to it.

Artist’s comments

This is a button-beaded music box book. The "Holy Place" was located at Washington and Long. As a student, I would sit on the side of Mr. Pierce's barbershop, not even realizing who Mr. Pierce was, and draw the storefront places. The museum was right there, and the art school, and later I realized that the whole area was a holy place. In one scene Mr. Pierce is cutting hair, and in another he is describing the Book of Wood to a group of children. A music box plays "How Great Thou Art."

Visitors’ comments

Exhibition history

Community Connections CMA 2005

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