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Artist’s comments

Through the Second Baptist Church in Columbus, John T. Ward and his family helped slaves escaped to Canada. As a young man in the 1840s, Ward became active in the Underground Railroad and helped hide fugitive slaves at his farm outside Columbus in what is now the city of Whitehall. Because the congregates at Second Baptist were afraid of losing their jobs if they got involved, Ward and James Preston Poindexter left in a friendly way and developed the Slavery Resistant Church to help runaways. After the Civil War they all went back to Second Baptist, where Poindexter served as a pastor for forty years. During the war Ward had transported a lot of government supplies, and that's how the Wards got into the moving business, which their family continues to run today.

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Symphonic Poem, CMA 2002 and tour 2006-07; Community Connections CMA 2005

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