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Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson: Ongoing Catalogue of Art and Exhibitions

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Curator’s comments

Aminah participated in a six-week study trip to Africa in 1979. The trip inspired a body of work consisting of hundreds of pieces that she called Afrikan Pilgrimage: The Extended Family. Aminah sketched the scenes she experienced in her journal as she traveled, and, when she returned to Columbus, she used the drawings to create cloth paintings like this one.

Artist’s comments

I never go with preconceived ideas. I am completely open. I draw what I see, draw what I feel, and draw the spirit of the place. This is a little community in Kenya. It was very crowded -- it was extremely crowded, but I really enjoyed it. The woman is drop-spinning with a child in her arms. Another mother is combing the child's hair with a steel comb.

Visitors’ comments