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Artist’s comments

Everyday the sidewalks of Market Street captured my spirit and imagination for over a decade. They stood in the very soul of my breathing. This is my community Family.

A world of translucent spirits moving timelessly in and out of one generation to another - thanks to Uncle Alvin who gave voice to their singing, their history, and culture.

When Uncle Alvin began to tell these stories, from the time I was three up to the time of his death in 1990, it was like listening to a symphony in a faint timeless dream.

This dream has woven itself into my art for over forty years. This body of work is called SYMPHONIC POEM.

It is a body of work where souls live, breathe, fly, and mingle in freedom. A community where lives are lived, forming generations of people with on long memory....

My upbringing of creative independence has impressed on me the importance of creating innovative and inventive art that is based on family and community histories. It is a gift that I create to be passed on to future generations.

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Exhibition history

Symphonic Poem, CMA 2002-2003

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