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Curator’s comments

Dr, Kickapoo created from Hogmawg. Hogmawg is Aminah's term for the mixture of mud, pig grease, dyes, sticks, glue, and lime that she uses in both two- and three- dimensional work.

Artist’s comments

Doctor Kickapoo the medicineman sells snakeroot to draw out the fever, peach leaves to cure rheumatism. People buy asafetida or greegree sacks to tie around their necks to ward off colds. And sickness, and bad spirits. The medicineman stores all his medicine in small and large tinted glass bottles, except for the asafetida and the greegree sacks, which he ties around his medicine cart. He wears a large top hat, and a pinstripe tail-suit fits him neat as the mustache curled round his lip.

(A Street Called Home, Harcourt Brace and Company: San Diego, 1997.)

Visitors’ comments