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Curator’s comments

The Umbrellaman is one of Aminah's three-dimensional hogmawg pieces, a term she uses to describe her pieces that are created from a jumble of different materials: mud, pig grease, dyes, sticks, glue and lime. It is homage to the colorful Mt. Vernon-community figures of Aminah's childhood memories. The Umbrellaman went door-to-door, "fixin' old umbrellas." Aminah's Umbrellaman demonstrates the vibrancy of the past Columbus community well by using a variety of shinny buttons and vibrantly-colored different pieces of cloth to create his waistband of different umbrellas.

Artist’s comments

"The Umbrellaman goes door-to-door, and he goes up and down Mount Vernon Avenue, and his umbrellas make a clanking, ring-ring sound. He has his hat on funny and twisted. His had and his sad face and the wrinkles on his brow make you know he is a sad man, a strong man, and bewildered."

(Aminah Robinson, A Street Called Home, Harcourt Brace and Company: San Diego, 1997.)

Visitors’ comments