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Curator’s comments

The Cameraman is mixed media and hogmawg. Hogmawg is Aminah's term for the mixture of mud, pig grease, dyes, sticks, glue, and lime that she uses in both two- and three- dimensional work. The Cameraman is one of the many characters who Aminah encountered when she was a child growing up in the Mt. Vernon Avenue neighborhood on the eastside of Columbus.

Artist’s comments

Across the street the Cameraman takes pictures for ten cents a shot. He has an umbrella with a swinging seat under it, where people sit to get their pictures taken. The mothers hold their children in their laps and swing a little bit to make their children smile. Almost everyone coming out of the East Market gets their picture taken by the Cameraman. He sees the world on a street called home.

(A Street Called Home, Harcourt Brace and Company: San Diego, 1997.)

Visitors’ comments