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Curator’s comments

Sydney, Aminah's son, was born in 1967 in Biloxi, Mississippi, where Aminah's husband was stationed with the Air Force. After Aminah and her husband separated, she raised Sydney in Columbus. He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in ceramic engineering. He struggled with depression for many years and took his own life in 1994 at age twenty-seven.

Artist’s comments

In this painting, Sydney is eleven years old. At this time, he decided he had no intention of working as an artist. He'd rather do art on his own. One of the books he's holding is What I Want to Be, a book of photographs about being an engineer, a doctor, a nurse, and other professions. Another book is about Africa and Egypt-- the past.

Visitors’ comments



Exhibition history

Symphonic Poem, CMA 2002 and tour 2006-07

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