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Return to results page »Mt. Vernon Avenue, Marcus Garvey Parade, Growin' Up on Thorn, Blackberry Patch, Columbus, Ohio 1900-1930

Artist’s comments

"On the east side of Columbus, Ohio, Thorn Alley ran from Mount Vernon Avenue to East Long Street. It was the street that ran through the Blackberry Patch Community which was leveled in order to build Poindexter Village in 1935.... When Poindexter Village was finished in the summer of 1939, Thorn Alley became Market Street. It is the same street where generations of families continue to live out their lives, passing on cultural traditions, family and community histories, hand-me-down story, and those invisible threads that profoundly tie a community to a way of life. Walking down Market Street today has become a way of looking back into the community's past... to Thorn Alley."

(Aminah Robinson, Thorn Alley Black Berry Patch Columbus, Ohio Vol. 2, 2001.)

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