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Curator’s comments

When Aminah was a child, her father taught her to "do penetrations." First, he instructed her to look around and focus on a subject. Then, he put the side of his hand down the middle of her face, told her to close her eyes, and describe what she had seen in as much detail as possible. Time and again, after she recited her general perceptions of a scene, he told her to keep trying until she was able to capture every possible nuance. By doing this exercise repeatedly, Aminah developed the capacity to absorb the complexity of her surroundings, to organize them mentally, and to recall them with computer-like precision. She used this method to create Old Man

Pushin' Cart Down Ohio Street.

Artist’s comments

I have seen the Ragman throughout my whole life- I don't remember not seeing him. This same Ragman was always writing something down. During my growing-up years, he would walk his little cart with rags down Ohio Avenue at Mt. Vernon. To be honest, I don't know what he did with the rags and I never knew what he wrote.

Visitors’ comments

Exhibition history

Symphonic Poem, CMA 2002 and tour 2006-07

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