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Curator’s comments

One of two pieces with the same name

During numerous conversations with her great-aunt Cornelia Johnson, Robinson learned that her father's ancestors had lived as slaves on Sapelo Island, Georgia. After the war, the ex-slaves established their own communities on Sapelo. Hog Hammock is the only community that survives and almost its entire population of seventy is descended from slaves. The rest of the island is owned by the state of Georgia.

Artist’s comments

Sapelo is off the coast of Savannah and it takes twenty minutes to cross over on the Sapelo Ferry. In the early 1800s, it was owned by Thomas Spalding. He would go to the auction block in South Carolina, purchase a lot of slaves, and bring them back to Sapelo to work the cotton and sugar cane fields. It was an independent kind of community because the slaves ran it. They even took care of the books.

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