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Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson: Ongoing Catalogue of Art and Exhibitions

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Curator’s comments

In 1996 Robinson hired a carpenter to build a structure in her backyard where she would be able to work on large sculptural projects. The resultant studio was too small for the project she had in mind and instead became the site for the Doll House, a concept that Robinson had been working out in drawings during her residency in Israel the previous summer. The Doll House is filled with Robinson's old and new, three-dimensional figures and vignettes about the Columbus community and about African-American history, one-of-a-kind books, leather bags, and carved furniture. Figures from the Blackberry Patch, Poindexter Village, and Mt. Vernon Avenue inhabit the Doll House.

Artist’s comments

The Doll House was an ongoing idea that I had thought about for years, but I never did anything with it. The whole thing came together while I was in Israel. The Doll House is a work in progress that involves the Columbus Community. I enjoy going to flea markets and yards sales to pick up treasures-what other people consider junk. I find pieces of old furniture that I make into dollhouses that, like the ones children play with, are about families and communities. This is all about generations, the older one passing on the stories to the young generations.

Visitors’ comments