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Curator’s comments

Aminah made both volumes of the Doll House Story specifically for her 2002-2003 retrospective exhibition at the Columbus Museum of Art. In the introduction to this book, with its lively woodcuts and a sampling of Uncle Alvin's hand-me-down stories, Robinson discusses the theory behind her creative process.

Artist’s comments

Every day the sidewalks of Market Street captured my spirit and imagination for over a decade. They stood in the very soul of my breathing. This is my community family. A world of translucent spirits moving timelessly in and out of one generation to another-thanks to Uncle Alvin, who gave voice to their singing, their history, and culture. These timeless, invisible memories of the spirit are the energy that created a community of families-a Dollhouse. The shared traditions, customs, histories, and the hand-me-down stories all intermingle in a world that sings to the future.

In this book his stories are in a very pure state in exactly the way he gave them to me-- very simple, very plain, and very moral -stories to pass on. One of the stories is about this man who had to cross the river with a fox, a chicken, and some eggs. The moral of the story is there's always a way to think and figure something out even when there are many obstacles in the way.

Visitors’ comments