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Curator’s comments

When Aminah visited Africa in 1979, she connected the people and places she observed with her memories of Biloxi, Mississippi. She had lived in Mississippi with her husband who was stationed there in the Air Force in 1967.

Artist’s comments

This piece was first conceived in Biloxi, in 1966-67, when I met Momma Hogan on the bayou. Momma Hogan was very interesting and very wise. She had a little shop on the road where she would sell her quilts and gourds. Her house stood on stilts, and inside she would keep her cabin warm by putting her quilts all around. She had her chickens and she believed in a lot of old wives' tales. I saw Momma Hogan and Biloxi in Africa the same way I saw Poindexter Village in Africa.

Visitors’ comments