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Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson: Selected Database

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Curator’s comments

Aminah participated in a six-week study trip to Africa in 1979. The trip inspired a body of work consisting of hundreds of pieces that Robinson called Afrikan Pilgrimage. the Extended Family. Many of the works are on homemade paper she had prepared before she left Columbus. When there was no more homemade paper left, she used the shelf paper from the drawer in her hotel.

Artist’s comments

In Nigeria we went to the palace of the Oba, the king of Lagos. It was an exquisite structure made of mud. The Oba wore a white, handwoven robe decorated with elaborate needlework. He was very hospitable. He took us through the palace that was filled with beautifully carved furniture and raffia rugs that were handwoven with intricate patterns. His many, many little children were playing outside in the courtyard.

Visitors’ comments