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Curator’s comments

Aminah encrusted this RagGonNon with cloth appliques, buttons, beads, and shells as an homage to her mother, who died in 1995. A RagGonNon is Aminah's term for a complex work of art that takes years to research and create and that continues to evolve as others respond to it. This RagGonNon also includes pockets with scroll-like books of cloth tucked inside.

Artist’s comments

Precious Memories is not only about my mother, but it's also about my mother's friends and all of those who came out of Poindexter Village. It is a celebration of sorts of their lives and their upbringing in the Blackberry Patch. They were strong women, let me tell you. And I mean really strong women. They didn't take any foolishness. None. It's about the women, the mothers, the families, the family of women.

Visitors’ comments