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Curator’s comments

A study for the sculpture, Dialogue: Elijah Pierce and Ursel White Lewis, 1987

Artist’s comments

All of the clothes that Mrs. Lewis has on, including the bracelet, belonged to her. She gave them to me, and I said, "I'm going to put them on a sculpture." The hat is a pillbox [hat] from the 1960s like Jackie Kennedy wore. Mrs. Lewis introduced me to Mr. Pierce at his barbershop, and he and I just connected- we just liked each other. His clothes are reminiscent of what he wore. He always wore a cross, a tie, and a watch in his pocket. Some of the hair is mine and some of it is from Mr. Pierce's barbershop. I tried to capture the way his left eye was always looking at you while the right one was constantly going around and the way he didn't have to look directly at his hands when he carved. Mrs. Lewis would go downtown and bring Mr. Pierce shell nuts- peanuts. They would have a serious, ongoing dialogue for hours, and I couldn't really tell you what it was about.

Visitors’ comments